Ambassador message


Dr. Koang Tutlam Dung
Ambassador of Ethiopia

It’s my pleasure to announce the launching of homepage of the Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in Tokyo, Japan. This homepage, both in English and Japanese, is envisaged to provide basic information on Ethiopia as well as relevant information on culture, tourism, travel and business opportunities to the citizens of Japan, Republic of Korea, Indonesia, Philippians in particular and citizens of other nations residing in these countries.

I sincerely believe that in this era of the 21st century, availability and access to information is very crucial not only for doing business but also for fostering and strengthening friendship and ties between peoples. Though the traditional methods still play role, dissemination of information by Internet has proved the fastest, most efficient and convenient way. In line with this the Embassy is launching its homepage hoping it will contribute immensely to the understanding and friendship between Ethiopia and the respective countries and peoples. We also hope it will spare our prospective friends in these countries the time, money and the inconvenience of making inquiry by phone or fax.

The website will initially consist of basic data on Ethiopia, consular affairs and procedures. Every month facts on tourism, culture, business, investment and other services will be added in order to get a fairly comprehensive view about the country. In addition visitors are also welcomed to refer to the links of relevant Governmental and Non-governmental websites in Ethiopia to further deepen their knowledge.

Due to unfavourable media attention, many people might have known Ethiopia in a negative way. But a close look at our homepage will clearly demonstrate the country is more than the negative perceptions. The country has rich culture, a long history of 3000 years and immense potential of natural wealth. With vast fertile land, huge water resources and pleasant temperature, the country is an ideal place for Agro industry. It has also immense potential for leather, textile, mining, construction and service industries like hotels and tour operations.

The Government recognizing challenges that the country faces, and encouraged by the vast potentials for development, has put in place attractive incentives for foreign investors since 1994. The investment code has been revised and improved upon several times in the last few years. As a result the country is able to attract a considerable amount of foreign investment. With the economy growing at average of between 5% and 7% in the last few years Ethiopia is quickly becoming an important business destination in the African continent. Moreover because of stability and peace prevailing in the country many tourists from Japan and other countries are flocking to Ethiopia to see the seven World Heritage sites as well as the culture and the natural beauty of the land.

As many of you may know, Ethiopia is the origin of the world famous drink – coffee. It produce between two to three hundreds thousands tones of fine Arabica coffee, sold in many Asian countries as Mocha. Taking the advantage of the attractive investment incentives put in place by the Government, engaging in coffee production and processing in the country is therefore a very rewarding venture.

Our home page will eventually touch on these actual and potential attractions and wealth of the country. Hopefully, with the help of your feedbacks we shall improve and expand our homepage in order to cater for your needs and expectations. I wish every body the best of luck, prosperity and peace as we prepare to receive the spring season.

Dr. Koang Tutlam Dung
Ambassador of Ethiopia To Japan,
Republic of Korea And Indonesia.