Passport’s Validity Extended

According to the new regulation recently issued by the Security Immigration and Refugee Affairs Authority of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Ethiopia’s passport which previously had only two years validity, has now been extended to serve for five years.

There is also a change in passport’s renewal payment. The renewal fee, which previously was 7,550 Japanese yen for Ethiopians residing in Japan, and 3,040 Japanese yen for those living in the Republic of Indonesia, the Philippines and South Korea is now decided to be, across-the-board, 6,050 Japanese yen or 50 US dollars.

According to the information received from the Security Immigration and Refugee Affairs Authority, Ethiopians residing abroad in different countries shall be informed in months to come, through the Ethiopian missions, as to how and when to get the newly issued Ethiopian passport, which will serve for five years in replacement of the current one. The Embassy will post the additional information related to the new passport issuance on its web-site.