Amhara region Housing Development Program

Amhara Region

Agriculture: Gathering data and offering choice in Ethiopia | ECO-opia

Ethiopia – Land of Extremes (BBC Documentary) – Ethiograph

Japan brings kaizen philosophy to Ethiopia

Ethiopia: emerging on the sourcing skyline

Announcement of Diaspora Web Portal

Announcement of Diaspora Web Portal

The Embassies Lecture Series at Toyo University

Ambassador H.E. Markos gave lecture at Toyo University

Japan times “Ethiopia’s traditional rhythms are about to dance across the nation”

Notice about VISA

【IMPORTANT】 Since September 2012 Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in Japan doesn't issue VISA an...

Tokyo Embassy celebrates Flag Day

Embassy of Ethiopia in Tokyo celebrated the 5th National Flag day on Sunday 28, 2012 at the residence of Ambassador wi...

Information of Ethiopian Night

It is a seaon for Ethiopian Night! Please check below for further information

Credential Ceremony in Australia


Comments by the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority on the Accident Investigation of Ethiopian Flight 409, Boeing 737-800, ET-ANB, Januarly 25, 2010

Executive Summary to be ppend