A Week in the Horn (25.11.2011)

The 19th IGAD Extraordinary Summit on Somalia and Sudan Prime Minister Meles visiting South Korea next week The EU’s n...

A Week in the Horn (13.07.2012)

A Week in the Horn of Africa- (13/07/2012) IGAD’s Council of Ministers meeting The 19th African Union Summit ...(54...

የዳያስፖራ የብድር የቤት ልማት ፕሮጀክት

Diaspora House በጃፓን የሚኖሩ ኢትዮጵያውያን መንግስት ባመቻቸው የብድር ቤት ልማት ፕሮጀክት አስፈላጊ የሆኑ ዝርዝር መረጃዎችን የያዘ ማኑዋል ለበለጠ መረጃ እንዲረዳ እዚህ ላይ ...

Notice: Embassy Closure during Golden Week

Embassy of Ethiopia will be closed from April 30(Mon) - May 4(Fri) for Golden Week Holidays. We will open from May 7(...

Notice; Ethiopian Woman in Japan

Notice for Ethiopian Woman who living in Japan

Amhara region Housing Development Program

Amhara Region

Announcement to Mark Diaspora Day

የጨረታ ማስታወቂያ፡ በጃፓን ለሚኖሩ ኢትዮጵያውያንና ትውልደ ኢትዮጵያውያን

Announcement for Ethiopian>>Announcement for Ethiopian


エチオピアを紹介するプロモーションビデオ「CREATIVITY IN MOTION」が公開となりました。 エチオピアの様子が分かるビデオとなっています。 ぜひご覧ください。 エチオピアハイランドレザー Eth...

Our embassy is planning to host Horticulture Promotional Seminar & B2B meeting in April 23, 2015 during the inaugural flight of Ethiopian Airlines to Japan. The Ethiopian beautiful flowers will also be exhibited in our embassy in the next day.

Horticulture Promotion Seminar & B2B Meeting">">Horticulture Promotion Seminar & B2B Meeting

Working Visit of H. E. Demitu Hambisa, Minister for Science and Technology to Japan

News; working visit of Minister for Science and Technology>>News; working visit of Minister for Science and Technology

Bi-Annual Newsletter of Ethiopian embassy No.01

Bi-annual News Letter from Ethiopian Embassy in Tokyo 2>>Bi-annual News Letter from Ethiopian Embassy in Tokyo 2

The commemoration of the Ethiopian Nations, Nationalities and People`s Day is scheduled to take place in December 13, 2014. Join us to celebrate the day.

Invitation for Nations, Nationalities Day">Invitation for Nations, Nationalities Day

Light manufacturing Seminar; All interested Japanese investors/ companies engaged in manufacturing sectors are invited to attend the seminar organized by the Ethiopian embassy, scheduled to take place in November 25, 2014.

Light Manufacturing Seminar Program>>Light Manufacturing Seminar Program

Ethioppian Year (2007) Message from Ambassador Dr. Markos Tekle for Ethiopian Communities Living in Japan

Ethiopian New Year Messege from Ethiopian Ambassador>'>Ethiopian New Year Messege from Ethiopian Ambassador

Urban Land Lease Holding Directive of Tigray National Regional State, Ethiopia


Agriculture: Gathering data and offering choice in Ethiopia | ECO-opia

Ethiopia – Land of Extremes (BBC Documentary) – Ethiograph

Japan brings kaizen philosophy to Ethiopia

Ethiopia: emerging on the sourcing skyline