Abijatta, Shala Lakes National Park

lake-syara_b215 Kilometres from Addis Ababa, the park covers 887 square kilometres of which more than half is water. Lake Shalla is thought to be the deepest lake in Africa north of Equator. Lake Abijatta is circled by 60 kilometres of white shoreline. Both lakes are salaine and several hot springs bubble up by the shore and flow into Lake Shalla.
Besides this natural beauty, these parks best known for their bird life. At Abijiatta, never more than 10 metres deep, greater and lesser flamingos abound, along with white-necked cormorants, herons, storks, spoonbills, ibises, African ducks, gulls and terns. During the northern winter thousands of Asiatic and European ducks and waders migrate to Abijatta’s shore. Lake Shalla is well-known for its large colony of great white pelicans-the most important breeding colony for this species in Africa.