Information on import & export or other Dealings in wildlife & wildlife production Ethiopia

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Information on import & export or other Dealings in wildlife & wildlife production Ethiopia | CULTURAL ATTRACTIONS

Some of the most beautiful and interesting souvenirs offered for sale in Ethiopia are made from the furs, hides, shells, feathers, teeth and flesh of wild animals.

Although visitors can sometimes legally buy such souvenirs in Ethiopia, it may be illegal to take them out of the country.

Wildlife in Ethiopia is protected by the Forest and Wildlife conservation and Development proclamation No 192 of 1980 and other relevant legislation. These laws define categories of wild life and provides for their protection and in some cases utilization. These laws also provide for the administration by Ethiopia of its obligations under various international conventions and treaties for the protection of environment, notably CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild fauna and flora.)

A Certificate of possession or permit

Permits will not be issued for wild animals or wild plants or any part of such wildlife or anything made from such wildlife that is listed under Appendix 1.

But check first with EWCO (Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Organization) because no permit is issued automatically for there are species that are endemic to Ethiopia which are not allowed for trade, though not listed under appendix 2.

There are exceptions to the restriction on Appendix 1 species. Articles made from such species that are bona-fide personal possessions not destined for trade can be moved into or out of Ethiopia. But proof of genuine prior ownership will be required. Something acquired outside your own country is treated as a prior personal possession and will be subject to strict CITES regulations. Bona-fide safari hunting trophies may also be exported. Specimens destined for scientific or educational purposes may also be move subject to certain conditions.

CITES regulations also prohibit the taking of wild animals out of their natural environment and keeping them as pets.

Appendix 1 Species

Caracal, Leopard, Cheetah, Pangolin, Crocodile, Rhinoceros, Elephant, Some birds of prey, Gravy’s Zebra, Wild ass.

Appendix 2 Species

Aardvark, Girdled lizard, All bustards, Hippopotamus, Allcacti, land tortoise, All cats not listed, Monitor lizard.

For further information on any of these matters please contact:

The Ethiopian Wildlife conservation Organization

P.O.BOX 386, Addis Ababa

Telephone : 251-1-115-15-14-77 and 251-1-115-15-15-07
Fax : 251-115-51-41-90