Ethiopia is a land of unique features with a long history of existence and home to the oldest human fossils- Lucy; it is also a melting pot of diverse cultures where people from different ethnic and religious backgrounds live in harmony.


Ethiopia has much to offer international tourists. It is a land of natural contrasts & extremes; ranging from some of the highest peaks and the most stunning places on the continent such as the jaggedly curved Simien Mountains – one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites – to the depths of fascinating Danakil Depression, which at more than 120 meters below sea level is one of the lowest points on earth. Year round excellent weather, stable and peaceful atmosphere, Ethiopian unique hospitality, rich and diverse cultural and historical attractions, abundant landscapes as well as the one and only live lava ash in the world are among the reasons which makes it truly a tourist paradise.


Ethiopia has also much to offer investment and business opportunities. Ethiopia is gifted with immense natural resources and offers plenty investment opportunities. The country’s political and macro-economic stability as well as favorable investment climate are also some of the factors that make Ethiopia a new frontier for investment in Africa. The continuous double digit economic growth the country has shown for the last twelve years clearly demonstrates that it is indeed in the right development trajectory. With the ambition to attain middle-class income status by 2025, we have started executing the second Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP-II), which aims to transform the economy from agriculture to industry. Within GTP-II, export-oriented manufacturing industries as well as small and medium manufacturers are my government’s top priorities to become the manufacturing hub in African by 2025. To realize this vision, development of industrial zones in various parts of the country with the goal to attract the leading companies in the world is our central target to build manufacturing bases. To make the investment environment more conducive, our government is continuously revising the Investment regulations to attract more investors.


Trade opportunities are also abundant and diverse. Coffee, oil seeds, spices, flowers, bee wax, hides and skins, agro- processed and other factory products are main export items. As Ethiopian Embassy, we are responsible to serve as a bridge for business links with local producers, exporters and importers.


In connection, our website provides important information about tourism, trade and investment, history and culture, consular affairs. Our embassy is also open for further inquiries and we will be pleased to respond to your questions.


Ambassador Kassa T. Gebrehiwet

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary